What is ocean etiquette?

March 17, 2017

Promoting responsible encounters with marine wildlife and their natural habitats. Wildlife viewing is a popular recreation activity, but it is important to know how to interact with ocean wildlife so that you can make the […]

How does climate change affect coral reefs?

March 15, 2017

The varied effects of climate change are changing the ocean; these changes dramatically affect coral reef ecosystems. Climate change is the greatest global threat to coral reef ecosystems. Scientific evidence now clearly indicates that the […]

How does overfishing threaten coral reefs?

March 14, 2017

Overfishing can deplete key reef species and damage coral habitat. Coral reef ecosystems support important commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishery resources in the U.S and its territories. Fishing also plays a central social and cultural […]

How does land-based pollution threaten coral reefs?

March 13, 2017

Many serious coral reef ecosystem stressors originate from land-based sources, most notably toxicants, sediments, and nutrients. Impacts from land-based sources of pollution—including coastal development, deforestation, agricultural runoff, and oil and chemical spills—can impede coral growth […]

What are the biggest threats to turtles?

March 13, 2017

By Stacey Venzel Hunting, habitat destruction, food shortage, global warming, pollution, litter, boating, fishing and tourism are the main concerns facing today’s turtles. These are almost solely human-related causes, an unsettling truth but also suggestive […]

What are microplastics?

March 10, 2017

Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than five millimeters long which can be harmful to our ocean and aquatic life. Plastic is the most prevalent type of marine debris found in our ocean and Great […]

What is the biggest source of ocean pollution?

March 9, 2017

Most ocean pollution begins on land.  Eighty percent of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land. One of the biggest sources is called nonpoint source pollution, which occurs as a result of runoff. […]

What are the most threatened turtles in the world?

March 6, 2017

By Stacey Venzel An increasing number of threats face the Testudines family resulting in more species becoming threatened each year. As an example, six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened with extinction. […]

What is an oil seep?

March 1, 2017

An oil seep is a natural leak of crude oil and gas that migrates up through the seafloor and ocean depths. Did you know that naturally occurring oil seeps from the seafloor are the largest […]

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