TSF Cartoons


What if the animated characters created by Disney and Pixar for years actually educated their audiences as much they entertained them?

Welcome to The Super Fins® – the world’s first animated, aquatic news network. Led by their intrepid host Toro the Bull Shark© and his faithful, but put-upon producer Scampi the Shrimp©, TSF’s team of correspondents offer reports from all aquatic habitats, introducing audiences to new animals and their amazing superpowers. As entertaining as they are educational, The Super Fins® explain complicated topics in simple terms, which is why we say: The Super Fins® are underwater, but never over your head.

Earlier this year, we debuted, a digital entertainment and news source that has launched more than a dozen young writing, editing and marine biology careers. In 2016, TSF’s first children’s book will hit the marketplace, along with other products such as shirts and posters.

All of those products (and all the edu-taining products that Sherpa Multimedia publishes), are to raise funds to launch The Super Fins® cartoon series.

The first book and cartoon is scheduled for release in 2016.