Toro the Bull Shark©

Toro the Bull Shark© is the anchor of The Super Fins®. Equal parts Walter Cronkite and Ron Burgundy, Toro thinks he's funnier than he really is (just ask his producer, Scampi the Shrimp© who has to suffer through all of his endless jokes), but he takes seriously his job of sharing the coolest, most fascinating stories from the entire aquatic realm. Able to swim in both freshwater and saltwater, bull sharks call the entire globe their habitat, making Toro the ideal leader for the world's first aquatic news network.


Though Toro's habitat beat is the entire globe, he focuses primarily on sharks from every region, sharing stories about his global cousins. Here are his recent stories:

How do they know how old a shark is?

February 1, 2017

By Blaise Jones Determining the age of a shark is a difficult and imprecise without a complete dissection, which requires the animal to be dead. It’s a Simple Matter of Weight Ratios When it comes […]

Do sharks care for their young?

January 25, 2017

By Blaise Jones Sharks have been on this planet longer than the dinosaurs were. They’re perfectly adapted to their environments, utilizing an amazing array of physiological and sensory adaptations to dominate their ecosystems. They are […]

How many sharks are born at one time?

January 11, 2017

By Blaise Jones The reproductive habits of sharks have long been a mystery to science. Early research into sharks focused primarily on the basics of their anatomy and their predatory behaviors, with little research into […]

How do sharks reproduce?

January 4, 2017

By Blaise Jones As it is with many other aspects of shark biology, the method by which sharks reproduce varies from species to species. While all sharks begin the reproduction process via internal fertilization, the […]