Turtles Territory

Welcome to Turtles Territory!

Before we begin: yes, tortoises and terrapins are here too! Sure, we could have called it Tortoise Territory or Terrapins Territory, but we rolled the dice and it came up Turtles Territory. On this page turtle fans will find answers to all of their questions about pet care, turtle facts, "what to do if...", and just about any thing that applies to turtles or terrapins or tortoises. If you like this page then you'll love the new book by Stacey Venzel called Today's Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises (Sherpa Multimedia, 2017).

Today's Dinosaurs is the first animal guide from The Super Fins and is packed with hundreds of images and is created in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format that anyone can use. Have a turtle question? It'll be answered in Today's Dinosaurs.

Check out videos at the bottom of this page, too! (And on our YouTube page.)


  • animals

    How do turtles survive through winter?

    By Stacey Venzel Similar to other reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded. While this means their body temperature changes with the environment, turtles can still survive the winter. Found in almost every part of the globe, some [...]
  • Cool / Gross / Weird

    How do turtles communicate?

    By Stacey Venzel Even though turtles do not have vocal chords, they still communicate with sound. But sound is not the only way they send a message. These animals prove that words are not the [...]
  • Cool / Gross / Weird

    Do turtles fart?

    By Stacey Venzel Yes, turtles fart. Gas build-up in the stomach can make turtles fart. In fact, Brussels sprouts cause gas in turtles much like they do in humans. Popping bubbles sent up to the [...]
  • Good Question

    Where does a turtle lay her eggs?

    By Stacey Venzel Nest-building is not just a task left to the birds. While turtles do not pick up sticks to create a nest, they do use their back feet to dig holes in the [...]


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