Turtles Territory

Welcome to Turtles Territory!

Before we begin: yes, tortoises and terrapins are here too! Sure, we could have called it Tortoise Territory or Terrapins Territory, but we rolled the dice and it came up Turtles Territory. On this page turtle fans will find answers to all of their questions about pet care, turtle facts, "what to do if...", and just about any thing that applies to turtles or terrapins or tortoises. If you like this page then you'll love the new book by Stacey Venzel called Today's Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises (Sherpa Multimedia, 2017).

Today's Dinosaurs is the first animal guide from The Super Fins and is packed with hundreds of images and is created in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format that anyone can use. Have a turtle question? It'll be answered in Today's Dinosaurs.

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    How can you tell a boy from a girl turtle?

    By Stacey Venzel Mammals rely on X and Y chromosomes to determine the sex of an embryo. Most turtle species (and a few other reptiles) rely on the environment, not genetics, to decide if the [...]
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    What do turtle’s eat?

    By Stacey Venzel Food is a motivating factor for any animal, not excluding turtles. From plant aficionados to meat eaters, turtles cover a wide range of dietary needs. A mix of scavengers, foragers and hunters, [...]
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    How do turtles survive through winter?

    By Stacey Venzel Similar to other reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded. While this means their body temperature changes with the environment, turtles can still survive the winter. Found in almost every part of the globe, some [...]
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    Can a turtle flip over?

    By Stacey Venzel Turtles are almost always able to rotate from their backs to their stomachs, but in rare instances when they cannot, they can die from being stranded. In male-male competition, the turtle who [...]
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    Do turtles burp?

    By Stacey Venzel Yes, turtles belch at times. Burping is caused by expelling air out through the mouth, a common biological function in humans and turtles. Leatherbacks have been noted to sound like they are burping [...]


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