Turtles Territory

Welcome to Turtles Territory!

Before we begin: yes, tortoises and terrapins are here too! Sure, we could have called it Tortoise Territory or Terrapins Territory, but we rolled the dice and it came up Turtles Territory. On this page turtle fans will find answers to all of their questions about pet care, turtle facts, "what to do if...", and just about any thing that applies to turtles or terrapins or tortoises. If you like this page then you'll love the new book by Stacey Venzel called Today's Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises (Sherpa Multimedia, 2017).

Today's Dinosaurs is the first animal guide from The Super Fins and is packed with hundreds of images and is created in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format that anyone can use. Have a turtle question? It'll be answered in Today's Dinosaurs.

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  • Cool / Gross / Weird

    Do turtles fart, poop, vomit, or burp?

    By Stacey Venzel Yes, turtles can be just as rude and gross as humans. Farting, pooping, puking and burping are basic behaviors that can be a natural digestive process or suggest a turtle is ill. [...]
  • Good Question

    Do turtles care for their young?

    By Stacey Venzel Forget calling the babysitter. The second a turtle hatches from its egg, it is on its own. Even without parental care post-hatching, turtle mamas set their babies up for success. From choosing [...]
  • Good Question

    Do turtles have teeth?

    By Stacey Venzel One of the distinguishing traits of a turtle is that it does not have teeth. Instead of dentures, turtles have mouths specialized for their diet. Despite not having true teeth, uniquely shaped [...]
  • Good Question

    How long do turtles live?

    By Stacey Venzel They might not be the fastest individuals on the planet, but turtles are some of the oldest. Elderly turtles roam the planet, beating out grandmas by a landslide. Life spans are not [...]


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