What dolphin does not have any teeth in the upper jaw?


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Get your copy of “Albert the Orca Teaches Echolocation to The Super Fins” beginning March 2017 at

With only 4-14 teeth in the lower jaw and usually none in the upper jaw, the Risso’s Dolphin has one of the most unusual jaws in the cetacean family.  Much about the Risso’s Dolphin is unknown because the animal lives typically in deeper water, making research more difficult. The diet of the Risso’s Dolphin is mostly squid and cuttlefish, which helps explain the lack of teeth as eating the soft prey would not need an abundance of teeth. Risso’s Dolphin are known for the extensive scars they possess from battling the squid. They scars form white streaks on the body and the the blunt head of some dolphins are so scarred that the entire head appears to be white.