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A note from Scott Rowan, creator of The Super Fins®

The Super Fins® began as a way to teach people about the amazing abilities that all animals in every aquatic habitat possess. In 2006, I began working in marine biology and quickly found that when explaining the unusual abilities animals have to people new to aquatic topics, it was easiest to talk about each animal as if it were Superman or Batman or any other of The Super Friends.

I spoke with countless teachers and students, along the way I learned that teachers need help trying to make science and related topics fun to learn. The same methods used to make any topic fun in a classroom, can also help adults of any age grow interested in the same subject.Using superheroes as a way to get people interested in animals seemed like a natural. I have also been a life-long student of global mythology, ancient tales shared from one generation to another, often orally, that taught eons of learning to the next generation before the Internet. Equally relevant to the cause was my 20 years’ experience as a journalist, publisher, author and marketing executive, creating thousands of media articles that have entertained millions of people worldwide.

The Super Fins® uses classic storytelling approaches, merging superheroes, mythology, journalism and multimedia to create a 21st-century way to “edu-tain” (educate + entertain) people that is creative, fun and engaging. Our target audience: anyone from ages 1 to 101 who is interested in learning more about aquatic animals.

Apathy is our sworn enemy, which The Super Fins® defeat using an ever-expanding cast of cartoon characters, journalistic stories, videos and new multimedia content.

We have dozens of  writers, artists, editors and photographers working with us now and if you’re interested in being part of a new way to bridge education and entertainment, please contact us. Come on in, the water is warm.


Please email any questions, concerns or comments to:

change [at] sherpamultimedia [dot] com

We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Gracias. Shukran. Merci. Hvala. Thank you.