How a Hashtag Can Help Save Oceans: #NatureIsSpeaking


By Amy Duncan
March 4, 2015; 6:18 p.m.

Everyday 500 million tweets are sent worldwide. Instead of seeing today’s photo of someone’s pretty sandwich, wouldn’t it be nice if those tweets could be used to help the oceans, and Mother Nature overall?

That is what the people at Conservation International thought recently. Their idea was simple enough that they got some of the biggest names in Hollywood to help, then got Hewlett Packard to pay for it. The result is #NatureIsSpeaking, an unusually simple way that everyone reading this story can help the world without spending a penny. You just need to tweet #NatureIsSpeaking. That’s it.

HP will donate $1 to Conservation International every time someone in the world uses the hashtag. Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem. Just post #NatureIsSpeaking on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or YouTube and HP will donate $1 to the cause.

More than 500,000 people have joined in the movement, which is halfway to the one million cap that HP placed on its donations.

Part of the campaign involves eight of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities who voice short films from the point of view of all aspects of the world, including:

Water (Penelope Cruz)
The Ocean (Harrison Ford)
Flower (Lupita Nyong’o)
The Redwood (Robert and Lena Redford)
Coral Reef (Ian Somerhalder)
The Soil (Edward Norton)
Mother Nature (Julia Roberts)
The Rainforest (Kevin Spacey)

Each of the film shorts can be viewed online. Conservation International has supported global efforts to restore natural balance in all environments for 25 years. While CI has not revealed what specific programs HP’s donations will be used for, Charity Navigator, a watchdog group that monitors charitable foundations to provide information about how funds are used, gave CI an overall rating of 87.39 (out of 100). By comparison, Charity Navigator gave The Nature Conservancy a 79.96 and The Sierra Club Foundation a 97.13.



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