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Join The Super Fins as a correspondent and get your own Press Pass! Part of the interactive fun with The Super Fins is the fact that every reader and fan can become a correspondent alongside Whiskers, Portly, Cinca, and Sheldon. Our membership package will give you everything you need to get started as a correspondent. The next time your family goes on vacation or you take a trip to an area with animals, take your Press Pass and camera with you, film the action and upload the video. We'll share your video on, introduce your video with one of your Correspondent colleagues (Cinca, Portly, Sheldon, or Whiskers, depending on which habitat the animal calls home) and share it on TSF's YouTube channel.


Bought individually, the items in the Correspondent's package would cost more than $70. More importantly, the TSF Correspondent Press Pass and the birthday card surprise are available only by joining the The Super Fins for just $49.95.

Order your membership package today and if you provide us the recipient's birth date, we'll make sure that she/he will received a special birthday card from Toro, Scampi, and the rest of The Super Fins. Act today to ensure your animal fan has a birthday surprise like none other.

Your Correspondent's package includes everything your favorite animal fan needs to get started learning about animal facts, history, biology, and much more. Everything from animals in history to mythological stories to unforgettable facts from our Cool, Gross & Weird! series. Your Correspondent package includes:



YOU behind the scenes too!

In addition to all the books, stickers, shirts, cards, and stickers, Correspondents will also be given a chance to offer input on the creation of new TSF characters for future books and cartoons. All Correspondents are considered to be partners and we want to hear what our partners have to say. Become a member of The Super Fins and you'll help create the next cartoon character - who just might be named for you!