North Pacific Ocean animal life


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Some of the animals who live in the North Pacific Ocean include:

What is the difference between a "bale" and a "creep"? A group of turtles is called a "bale" and a
The discovery of water molecules buried within blue ringwoodite, which is found hundreds of miles inside the Earth, may be empirical evidence that the world's largest ocean is subterranean. Photo credit: Jasperox.
By Rachel Sloan The biggest ocean in the world has never been seen, according to scientists who discovered a massive
Atlantic spotted dolphins are members of the delphinid family. They are about 5-7.5 feet (1.6-2.3 m) long and weigh 220-315 pounds
By Blaise Jones Of all the animals on this planet, sharks arguably have the worst reputation. No other predatory animal
Gervais' beaked whales, sometimes called the "Antillean" or "Gulf Stream beaked whale," are little known members of the beaked whale
There are 18 seal species in the world and 10 of them are located in the polar regions. These 10
Coral outcrop on Flynn Reef at The Great Barrier Reef. Photo credit: Toby Hudson.
By Emma Corradini Though coral reefs protect an estimated 25 percent of all marine life, these habitats are constantly under threat
By Blaise Jones Sharks have been harvested and eaten all over the world throughout human history. Many cultures rely heavily
By Blaise Jones Sharks can be found all over the world with only a few exceptions. There are no sharks
In New Zealand, one of the main tourist attractions is swimming with Dusky Dolphins. Despite being wild, the dolphins are