Albert the Orca Teaches Echolocation to The Super Fins


What is echolocation? What animals use it? Why? How? When? Superpowers are everywhere in the ocean and Albert the Orca explains one of them – echolocation – in a fun way to Whiskers the River Otter.




The world’s first aquatic, animated news network, The Super Fins® is a collection of animals who cover stories in every water-based habitat, revealing the amazing superpowers animals use to survive in various regions of the world. In this story, Albert the Orca® (a killer whale), explains echolocation to Whiskers the River Otter®, one of the correspondents for The Super Fins®:

  • What is echolocation?
  • What animals use it?
  • How?
  • Why?

Aquatic animals have some amazing superpowers. Let Mama Orca, Albert, Whiskers, Toro, Scampi and the rest of the fun characters help you learn more about a mysterious way animals communicate with each other using echolocation. Albert the Orca shows how he and his friends use echolocation to find their way in the dark, avoid threats and detect prey too far away to see.


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