Sheldon the Snapping Turtle©

The oldest member of The Super Fins®, Shel is the friendly curmudgeon of the group, the first one to suggest they take a nap or have a snack. When you've been around as long as Shel has, you pretty much know everyone or at least their parents or grandparents. Crusty, grumpy, and slow, Shel's the grouchy relative you love, but have a hard time explaining why. 

Sheldon covers the habitats where he and his relatives live: ponds, streams, and marshes. Working in conjunction with Cinca the Sea Star© (reefs, estuaries) and Whiskers the River Otter® (shoreline, rivers, brackish), Shel helps cover all the stories about what happens where the land and water meet. Here are some of Shel's latest stories: