THREAT LEVEL: least concern animals


The following animals are considered LEAST CONCERN by the International Union for Conservation and Natural Resources (IUCN):

  While the exact purpose of the narwhal’s famous tusk or horn - which is actually a tooth that has
Fin whales have a sleek, streamlined body with a V-shaped head. They have a tall, “falcate” dorsal fin, located about
The bull shark (carcharhinus leucas) has valid claims to be the most dangerous shark in ALL waters. (Bull shark photo by Albert Kok is licensed under CC BY 2.0).
By Earl Filskov March 16, 2015; 6:57 p.m. There are currently 368 known species of sharks in the work. Only
By NOAA Analysis of nearly three decades of air samples from Alaska’s North Slope shows little change in long-term methane
A 300-pound green turtle weighs only how much at birth? Weighing about half a pound at birth (25 g), the average
Weight: 8 lbs. - 15 lbs Sexual Maturity: 15 - 20 years Height: 4"- 6" Mating Season: August - October Length
The subantarctic fur seal is a small, carnivorous marine mammal. This species is sexually dimorphic, with adult males being up
Why did the crab bite the turtle? Because dogs are natural predator of turtles, terrapins, and tortoises. It can be mean
What is Osmoregulation? Osmoregulation is the ability to control the water balance in the body, including salinity and oxygen levels.
The Arctic Tern earns the No. 1 spot for longest migration of any animal, covering a staggering 44,000 miles in