What is Ovovivparous?


What is ovovivparous?

Ovovivparous is reproduction by gestation of eggs inside the mother’s body. Unlike mammals that have an umbilical cord, there is no direct connection between the growing fetus and the mother during development. Instead, the mother uses her body as a nest, keeping her eggs safe from harm by protecting them with her life.

Ovoviviparous eggs developing inside the mother’s body have yolk sacs that provide nutrients for the developing fetus. However, once the yolk runs out the eggs will hatch inside the mother’s body and the mostly-developed baby sharks will enter the mother’s uterus, where the shark will continue to develop until fully developed. When the shark fetus has received all the nourishment it can get from the uterus, the mother gives birth to a shark pup that is born ready to hunt on his own.

All About Sharks: A Complete Guide to the World's Most Misunderstood Predator by Blaise Jones
All About Sharks: A Complete Guide to the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator by Blaise Jones