What nearly made the Roti Island Snake-Necked turtle extinct?


How did love nearly make the Roti Island Snake-Necked turtle extinct?

Global affection for the Roti Island Snake-Necked turtle nearly destroyed the population of reptiles. The pet trade industry has been so bad for tutles that the entire population of Roti Island Snake-Necked turtles was nearly destroyed by the trade. In the span of just five years the species went from being described for the first time to being officially listed as near threatened due to the massive numbers of turtles harvested for the pet trade.

This Cool, Gross & Weird!® excerpt is from Today’s Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises by Stacey Venzel (July 2017/Sherpa Multimedia). Today’s Dinosaurs is available now.


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