Which seal has the shortest hair?


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The Mediterranean Monk Seal has the shortest hair of all pinnipeds (flipper-footed mammal).

Mediterranean monk seals have a fairly large, long, robust body, and can grow up to about 7-9 feet (2.2-2.8 m) in length and weigh 530-880 pounds (240-400 kg). Males can be slightly larger than females. Like other monk seals, this species has a distinctive head and face. The head is rounded with an extended broad “muzzle” and an almost-even “crown”. The face has relatively large wide-spaced eyes, upward opening nostrils, and fairly big whisker pads with long, light-colored, smooth whiskers. When compared to the body, the animal’s “fore-flippers” are relatively short with little claws and the “hind-flippers” are slender. Their coloration is variable, ranging from brownish to grayish, with the underside lighter than the dorsal-side giving the animal a counter-shaded appearance. There is also a pale patch located on the belly. Males are generally darker than females. Individuals have a pale mask on their face and a dark hood on their rounded head. Scratches, speckles, and scars may cover the body as well.