World’s most up-to-date shark source debuts with “All About Sharks”

All About Sharks: A Complete Guide to the World's Most Misunderstood Predator by Blaise Jones
All About Sharks: A Complete Guide to the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator by Blaise Jones

The third book in the line of edu-tainment titles from The Super Fins will hit stores officially on Nov. 1 with the debut of All About Sharks: A Guide to the World’s Most Misunderstood Predator by Blaise Jones.

Written in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format, All About Sharks covers every aspect about sharks any amateur or researcher could wonder. In addition to covering every necessary topic about sharks such as feeding, breeding, behavior, and anatomy, All About Sharks also shares stories of sharks in history, global myths, how climate changes affects them, and what problems sharks are experiencing from decreased habitats to pollution.

Filled with Cool, Gross, & Weird! sidebars, All About Sharks introduces readers to Toro the Bull Shark, who shares unforgettable facts readers won’t find any other shark resource, such:

  • The “Shark Arm Murder” mystery
  • What is the worst shark attack ever?
  • How Native Americans changed shark history
  • What will global warming mean for sharks?

A companion book to Today’s Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises by Stacey Venzel, All About Sharks offers the same depth of research, bizarre sidebars, and entertaining characters that made Today’s Dinosaurs one of the most successful books in Sherpa Multimedia’s catalog.

All About Sharks is the first book by marine biology researcher Blaise Jones.

Readers can find All About Sharks at,, and at Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.